Eating my way through Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Pot. The Red Light District. Tulips. Bomb ass food.  Wait, what?  Yeah, you heard me, the Amsterdam foodie scene is INSANE.  It is a city that is always overlooked when it comes to any eating tour of Europe.  Everybody wants the pasta in Italy, the fish and chips in England, the Guinness in Ireland, and the delicate sauces in France.  Somehow, everybody forgets about the adorable little Netherlands, which is a travesty to me.  From frites with Dutch mayo slathered on top, to deliciously prepared and beautifully served Indonesian food (you heard me right, Indonesian food), Amsterdam is a hidden gem for foodies to explore.  Since my words could not possibly do justice to the chefs, cooks, and innovators behind some of the best food I’ve ever had, let me SHOW you how good Amsterdam can taste.


Reader, meet bitterballen.  Delicious little fried balls with flavors like cheese, beef, and truffle.  Bitterballen are like a more delicious Dutch version of American pizza rolls.  These are a must try, and can be found all around the city, but my favorite spot to grab a few is at De Foodhallen.  Bike parking is included.

An epically big burger chock full of everything you could want on it.  This day I was feeling the grilled veggie vibe.  Check out Burgermeester on your way to the Dutch Resistance Museum, and enjoy a burger that is unlike any burger you can get in America.

If you aren’t grabbing breakfast at Bakers and Roasters every morning, you’re doing Amsterdam wrong.  This place is ALWAYS packed, so make sure to get there right when they open.  And I won’t make food suggestions, everything on their menu will be the best breakfast food you have ever tried.

Every day is Fry-day if you try hard and believe in yourself.  Just make sure your fries are covered in the traditional sauce of Amsterdam, mayo.  My favorite place to grab a cone of happiness…er, fries, is at Vlaams Friteshuis Vlemickx.  The wait in line is well worth it!

When this place was suggested to me, I was hesitant.  Why would I ever eat Indonesian food in Amsterdam?  However, since Indonesia was once a Dutch colony, many of the foods and ways of cooking and serving made their way to Amsterdam for us to enjoy at places like Kartika.

No post about Dutch food would be complete without this little ray of sunshine, the stroopwafel.  Two buttery cookies sandwiched around hot, melty caramel, and served in wax paper are the perfect dessert for anybody visitng Amsterdam.  Grab a fresh, hot one while walking through the Museumplein on your way to the Van Gogh Museum.