A Change of Place
A Change of Place
Peace. Love. Travel.
Overlooking Alderfer Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Colorado

Overlooking Alderfer Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Colorado

Do you find yourself:


      Watching fare sales to exotic places around the globe?

      Looking at pictures of faraway countries on your lunch break at work?

      Dodging tourist traps when you travel, instead opting for the local hang outs you heard about from the guy who made your coffee at that café by your hotel?


Me too.  Sounds like we’re becoming quick BFF’s.


A Change of Place is a website that shows you that travel is, in fact, not so scary, and how I plan my jealousy inducing adventures.  All in all, if you love getting off the beaten path, unique travel experiences, and seeing everything our world has to offer, you should hang around a bit!  You can expect to see me gallivanting around San Francisco (aka, my home base) exploring the many cultures and fabulous restaurants this city offers, traveling to all different types of locales (I am not afraid to stay in a sky scraper overlooking Bangkok one month, and camp in a tent in Big Sur the next), and giving my real, honest to goodness opinions on the products I’m using, the places I’m staying, and the ways in which I got there. #IKeepitReal


I started this blog during a stint of FUN-employment.  Having worked a big girl job for 10 years and travelled internationally multiple times, I decided it was about damn time to spread my knowledge.  Always one open to new experiences, I saw this as a chance to start a new chapter in my life, and show people just how cool, beautiful, and adventurous life can be!


How’d I name my blog A Change of Place?  Well, not one for sitting still, I always find myself needing a new perspective and a new spot to explore.  You could say I like a good change of place every now and then…it keeps life interesting.


So, if you are loving my blog as much as I do, feel free to stick around a while and enjoy the ride.  Check out my Instagram and Twitter accounts as well, and let me know what you think!  More food posts?  You got it!  Want to see the REAL difference between flying Economy and First Class?  I’ll make it happen, captain.  To work with me or connect, simply fill out the form below.


Thanks for reading, and cheers to us!

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