Merah Filko

8 Things I Loved about Vritomartis Naturist Resort - A Review

Merah Filko
8 Things I Loved about Vritomartis Naturist Resort - A Review

“So, you’ll be naked?  The whole time?” 


Am I wearing anything under this coverup? I think not! Coverup: Pitusa

Naturism is nothing new for me.  I have travelled pretty extensively in a naturist capacity, frequenting beaches, pools, and bed and breakfasts that are clothing optional.  I hadn’t however, been to a naturist resort.  I had never experienced somewhere that was no clothing allowed while at the pool or beach, and it has always been an option for me to strip down or not.  I grew nervous because I had no idea what to expect, but when I came in contact with the lovely staff at Vritomartis Naturist Resort, I became increasingly more excited.  Located in Sfakia, Crete, Vritomartis has access to the greatest region on the island.  From sweeping landscapes to adorable seaside towns, you’ll find Sfakia to be an excellent part of Crete, and give you even more reason to stay at this wonderfully situated resort.

Some things I loved about Vritomartis Naturist Resort:

·      The food at the resort is grown and harvested on the resort grounds.  Everything from the vegetables in the salads, to the yogurt in your bowl in the morning are gathered from on-site gardens and goats, and are served fresh daily.

Fresh feta and yogurt made from the goats on the grounds, and fresh tomatoes grown steps from your room.

Enjoy a fresh breakfast every morning with foods grown onsite.

Dine al fresco every night, with a wide range of choices at dinner.

·      Are you a pool person?  You’re in luck!  Vritomartis has a pristinely kept pool that is the definition of the perfect temperature.  With plenty of sun chairs to go around and umbrellas available should you need some shade, the pool is a great place to relax when you first arrive and strip down for the first time.

The water in the pool feels as beautiful as it looks.

·      I am more of a beach girl, myself, and luckily there is a short, 20-minute walk down a paved road that leads directly from the hotel grounds to their naturist beach.  This beach is secluded, and has wonderfully refreshing water that laps up on the rocky beach all day.  A real convenience for this beach is the on-location lunch spot.  Grab a soda, Greek salad, and some pizza just steps from your lounge chair, and keep your spot on the beach the whole time.

This beach is picturesque, and is rarely visited by anybody other than Vritomartis Guests.

You’re never too old to play on the beach. While you can’t make sandcastles on this rocky beach, you can practice the art of rock stacking!

·      Vritomartis is secluded enough to feel remote and private, but is close enough to neighboring small towns and attractions that you will never be bored.  Take a quick little drive into town to try a frappe (did you know they were invented by accident in Greece?), head to the tiny town of Anopolis and have a slice of the best moussaka in the world at the famous Platanos Taverna, or make the death defying drive up the side of a winding mountain, and purchase locally grown and picked herbs and tinctures from Wild Herbs of Crete.

Grab a glass of lemonade on the porch of the gorgeous Wild Herbs of Crete.

Platanos Taverna is located on the top of a hill, and serves delicious local favorites like moussaka, zucchini cakes, and saganaki.

The frappe was created by accident in Greece by a Nescafe representative, and the yummy drink has stuck around since!

·      If you don’t feel like leaving the resort, that’s okay too!  There is plenty to do on the grounds, from a rousing game of petanque (it gets serious!), to morning stretching, there is always an activity going on for guests to enjoy and break up sitting in the sun.


·      Want to leave the resort, but didn’t plan much before arriving?  No problem!  There are regularly scheduled boat trips to local beaches and towns, as well as guided hikes into the many gorges that surround the resort.

The beauty of nearby gorges is stunning!

I chose to hike Kallikratis Gorge. If you plan on hiking, be sure to bring plenty of water and the proper attire as this hike is not well groomed.

·      Rooms are light and airy and well appointed.  Every room comes with plenty of pillows and towels, and has gorgeous views of the grounds.  Those overlooking the pool are simply spectacular, and have a view of the ocean.  Dining takes place around the pool, but it never gets so loud that it takes away from the serenity of your stay.

Best room on the resort!

·      You will be asked to put a deposit down at the beginning of your stay to cover your meals and drinks.  While this may seem like a total con, I actually really appreciated this aspect.  Money is deducted with each meal and drink onsite, and any money you don’t spend is returned back to you at the end of your stay.  I enjoy this more than an all-inclusive experience because I never felt like I had to “get my money’s worth”.  I never felt compelled to eat or drink more, just enjoy what I wanted and when I wanted.  Not to mention, since food is still paid for it is not mass produced, and the quality is still great.  Unlike at an all-inclusive resort, there isn’t a desire to produce a large amount of food for cheap to cut costs and maximize profit, but an insistence on making great food that will make you WANT to spend your money at the onsite restaurant, and eat every meal there.

Overall, my stay at Vritomartis was great.  I had good food, good weather, and good fun.  If you are new to the naturism scene, I think is a pretty perfect spot to test it out.  You will be surrounded by regulars the entire time, and every single person is there for the same reason: to catch some sun, and enjoy time away from work.  Vritomartis is someplace where I felt less judged than ever before, and there was no internal sense of competition amongst the guests, but more a community built on the idea that we all just prefer to be naked.  I met people from all over the world, and heard more than one language being spoken every minute of every day.  People come from all over to experience this little slice of heaven, and there is good reason they do.  Vritomartis is an amazing place to relax and enjoy Cretan hospitality, while getting rid of tan lines and eating gyros.