Merah Filko

Palazzo Greco Villas: A Dream in Crete

Merah Filko
Palazzo Greco Villas: A Dream in Crete

What makes the perfect stay in a place?  Is it location, cleanliness, or comfort?  What if you could have all three, and more?

This house was having an epic party one night of our stay. Wish I had been invited to the party!

From the moment we set foot on the grounds at Palazzo Greco Villas, we were in a trance.  From the cool breeze that blew in off the sea and made our curtains dance, to the gentle tinkling of bells hanging around the necks of goats on the neighboring farm, this place was the epitome of relaxation.

Goats that we heard before we saw, and not because of their bellowing! The light tinkling of their bells was barely audible, and we only heard it when we were walking to breakfast our first morning.

Arriving well into the night, my husband and I made the drive from the Heraklion airport to Agia Galini in pure darkness.  Only an hour and a half drive, we meandered our way down the highway system, and snaked our way through back roads to the compound.  When we arrived, we unloaded our bags, and all but went straight to bed after being given the warmest welcome.  When we awoke, we were in awe.  What the darkness hid was now on full display in the morning sunrise, and was a feast for the eyes.  The villas sat atop a large, steep hill, and opened out onto a view of a large bay.  Small bushes with red flowers bloomed nearby, and the morning sun warmed the ground of each patio.

The beautiful view from our villa!

Enjoying the sun on our first morning in Crete.

As we made our way up to the main house, our bellies grumbled in protests of hunger, begging to be fed.  For only 10 euro per person, we were treated to the most amazing breakfast of our trip, and possibly in all of my travels.  From a traditional Sfakini pita (a pita filled with a Cretan soft cheese, grilled, and covered in honey) that was so sweet, yet so savory, to fresh fruit, fresh locally made Greek yogurt with local honey, crusty rolls with a tomato bruschetta, and egg frittatas, the breakfast here was unmatched, and I am sure to never be topped in my lifetime.  All of this delicious food was prepared meters from where were sitting, and was served on the patio of the main house overlooking the bay and valley below.

Morning frittata, salad, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

This chair is BEGGING to be sat in on a sunny day, with a book in hand.

Fresh fruit, locally made greek yogurt and honey, and crusty bread with tomato bruchetta and feta. My dream breakfast!

These two ladies make breakfast for everybody! They have a true gift in the kitchen!

Grab a spot at one of these picnic tables, and the whole thing will be FILLED with breakfast foods.

Our stay was just as enjoyable as the breakfast.  Being high up on a hill, we got a gentle breeze that whipped the white linen curtains back and forth, and provided relief from the high sun.  Not only were the outside surroundings beautiful, but the inside of the villas was just as beautiful.  Equipped with a full kitchen with excellent appliances, there is truly no reason to leave the grounds.  Most people cooked in the kitchen for meals, and spent the day lounging by the pool.

The villas had a sort of bucolic charm to them, with exposed stone in the bathrooms, and a cottage-like interior that reminded me of spas and high-end getaways.  Staying true to the rustic roots of the island of Crete, exposed wood and simple white décor made the villas gorgeously simple, yet tranquil lodging.

Gorgeous farmhouse touches everywhere, and the comfiest of robes are provided.

Beautiful bedroom with gorgeous natural light. Crack open the window for a nice little breeze at night.

Open these giant french doors and sip raki inside while watching the sun set on the ocean.

I love this chair! This spot is total patio goals.

The staff here was also incredible.  From our warm reception at midnight when we arrived (thank you for staying up and waiting for us!), to the friendly conversation we had out on the breakfast veranda, everybody here was so kind and hospitable.

There were 12 private villas, 2 villas making up a villa complex.  Each complex had its own pool situated comfortably within a few steps of your personal patio.  Each equipped with sun chairs, there was plenty of opportunity to take in the sun, and nap under the hot, Cretan air.  Always quiet, Palazzo Greco Villas served as a great place to relax, unwind, and forget about flights, work, and deadlines.

Plenty of sun chairs to go around, and ample seating to enjoy meals outside.

Beautiful outdoor areas. Each villa complex is joined by one wall, and shares a pool.

I cannot recommend Palazzo Greco Villas enough.  A great way to kick off a Grecian vacation, Palazzo Greco helps you settle in to a new culture, seamlessly gets you on Greece time, and sets the mood to relax and enjoy your time on this wonderful island.  Think you’re interested in staying with Palazzo Greco?  Click this link to get in touch with me, and I can help connect you to the owner, and receive a referral discount off your stay.  I really do hope you choose Palazzo Greco for your stay in Crete, and that you let me know how fabulous your stay is!

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